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Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 5:50 am and 7:00 pm


 5 reasons to tune into the Farm Report:

1. You Learn Something New Every Day.
Each episode brings new information and interesting new people. Did you know that green bell peppers are not considered colored peppers? If you listened you’d know!

2. It’s Not All Business.
What is the best way to barbecue sweet, fresh local corn? How do you keep flowers looking their best in your house? Listen for features that you can use in your daily life, including cooking tips and more.

3. We Ask the Questions That You’ve Always Wanted to Ask.
Have you ever wondered what exactly the Air Pollution Control Officer does? Or how long queen bees live? We’ve asked! Listen and you’ll know, too,

4. You Make New Connections.
Farm Report listeners know the close connection between the biotech industry and agriculture, as well as the connection between alfalfa and ice cream.

5. You’ll Find Out Who's Behind the Scenes in Your Community.
Farm Report listeners have been introduced to  leaders throughout the community. Who will you meet next? Tune in and find out!

Have you ever considered sponsoring the Farm Report? Would your business benefit from exposure to people across the Valley from all backgrounds who are engaged listeners interested in local agriculture? Contact Farm Bureau or KGBA Radio about sponsoring the Farm Report today!