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Smoke Management Policy | Williamson Act
California State Water Bonds | Rural Crime - Reporting is Rewarding
| Illegal Dumping

Smoke Management Policy

The county's Smoke Management Policy establishes procedures for notification and traffic re-routing to reduce the impact of agricultural burns on residents. To download copies of the policy in English and Spanish, click here. In addition, click here to view a quote from Acme Sign for the required signage.

If you have quesions about the policy, call (760-352-3831) Farm Bureau, or stop by our office and we will be happy to help you.

Williamson Act
Learn how the Non-Renewal of all County Williamson Act Contracts will affect YOU.

As you probably know by now, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors voted in 2010 to non-renew all Williamson Act contracts in Imperial County. If you have land in the Williamson Act, your property taxes began to increase immediately, and will continue to increase incrementally over the next nine years until the tax valuation reaches the full non-Williamson Act valuation. Landowners receiving a non-renewal notice had the right to file a protest, which delayed these tax increases for four years.

If you have questions about the Williamson Act, the non-renewal process in this county or the protest procedures, contact our office.

How did your Supervisors vote on this issue?
Supervisor Louis Fuentes: voted to CONTINUE the Williamson Act
Supervisor Jack Terrazas: voted for NON-RENEWAL
Supervisor Mike Kelley: voted to CONTINUE the Williamson Act
Supervisor Gary Wyatt: voted for NON-RENEWAL
Supervisor Wally Leimgruber: ABSTAINED


Illegal Dumping in Rural Imperial County

We all know illegal dumping in the rural areas of Imperial County is a huge problem. To help combat this problem, the County of Imperial has developed an Illegal Dumping Task Force, which is made up of representatives of local companies and organizations, as well as County staff members. Farm Bureau participates with four representatives on the task force.

Rural residents and businesses know all too well the costs of cleaning up what other people have dumped on your property.

The focus of the Illegal Dumping Task Force is not only to clean up the dumping that has already taken place, but also to develop ways to prevent dumping in the future. These efforts will include public outreach, making proper waste collection more efficient for residents, and increased enforcement & penalties for dumping illegally.

If you have any questions about the Illegal Dumping Task Force, contact Farm Bureau or call the County's Environmental Health Department at 760-336-8530.


Reporting is Rewarding Program
Aims to Reduce Ag Crime

Local farmers are facing a significant crime wave.
Every day, thieves are taking anything and everything they can find, from vehicles to irrigation pipes, livestock, tires and even alfalfa seed.

Additionally, people are illegally dumping their trash and waste on rural properties, costing farmers and other rural residents hundreds and even thousands of dollars to clean up each site.

The local agricultural and law enforcement communities are coming together to fight these crimes with a new crime fighting campaign around the slogan Reporting is Rewarding.

Everyone is encouraged to watch for signs of crime and to immediately report a crime in progress. It is important to emphasize that anyone observing a crime stay a safe distance away, both to maintain your personal safety and to avoid disturbing evidence at the crime scene.

$1000 REWARD
A reward of up to $1,000 will be offered to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator of an ag-related crime in Imperial County.

If your information leads to an arrest, an initial award of $500 will be given.
Upon conviction of the perpetrator, an additional award of $500 will be issued, for a total of $1,000.

To create the reward funds, the program bumper stickers, tank decals and large outdoor signs will be sold to anyone interested in fighting ag crime.

Bumper stickers are available for $1 each,
in English or Spanish (click for an image of the English version of the bumper stickers)

12” x 18” fertilizer tank decals are available for $3 each,
in English or Spanish (click for an image of the English version of the tank decals) and the

large 2’ x 4’ outdoor farm signs are available for $25 per sign.
These have both English and Spanish on each sign (click for an image of the large outdoor signs)

Anyone who is interested in purchasing bumper stickers, tank decals or large outdoor signs with the Reporting is Rewarding slogan and information, please contact us, or just stop by our office any time during business hours.